About Escapistan

Escapistan is Pakistan’s real life puzzle game.

You will be locked with your team in a room filled with clues, riddles and brain teasers in a race against time to unravel the mystery it beholds and escape in 60 minutes.


The Games

Escapistan currently has 2 escape rooms in operation, designed to accommodate groups of 2-6 members each.

You will only need your team and quick wit to find the clues, solve the puzzles and escape.

Your goal is to exit the room before the clock runs out. 

soul flask

Your friend, wanting to live for eternity, sold his soul to the evil spirit.

But he did not know that he would be in debt to do rotten deeds for the rest of that life.

You have 60 minutes to rescue your friend by collecting his soul and rushing out of the Black House unharmed.

Solve the puzzles before the spirit catches you too!



One late night while walking home, you witness something you shouldn’t have. You try to run…but are caught midway. Next thing you know, you are locked away in what seems like a warehouse.

“The serial killer strikes again – 187 kills” reads the newspaper heading the next day.

The killer has gone out, and so you have to find your way out fast.

Unlock yourself before the killer returns!

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