Birthday Party

Make your birthday special with your friends n family by testing your logic and problem-solving skills.

You’ll have to solve several challenges and escape the room. It’s an extraordinary party for people who like challenges and great memories!
We are experienced in running escape games for all ages players, giving them hints when needed to ensure that the whole experience is fun and not frustrating!

The number of people that can be accommodated and the cost per room is as follows:
1300 per player for the games
187 Kills or Black Heart

Decorations Changes:
Flash Corner 1000/-
Full House 5000/-

The party cost includes 1 hour to 90 minutes of gameplay.
Exclusive use of the lobby for 35 minutes for refreshments and gift opening, use of table and chairs.

Not included: table coverings, paper goods, plasticware, decorations, refreshments. We do provide refreshments or you may bring in your own refreshments.

Please contact us and we will discuss with you a time that works and we will set up an event for you that can be confirmed online.