Warning: Escapistan is loading your excitement. Please hold on to your hats, glasses, and sanity until the adventure begins.

Escape Your Space


Looking to add some fun and excitement to your gatherings? Look no further than Escapistan’s “Escape Your Space” escape room experience! With this unique service, you can turn any location into your very own escape room, complete with clues, puzzles, and interactive items hidden throughout the room.

Our team will take care of everything, bringing all the necessary equipment and props straight to your doorstep. We offer two different themes for you to choose from, catering to all ages and group sizes, from family and friends to students and employees.

The fun begins with the first challenge: finding all the hidden items in the room. It may look like an ordinary room at first, but there are plenty of useful and interactive items just waiting to be discovered. Once you’ve found them all, it’s time to put your brains to the test and solve a series of challenging puzzles and brain teasers to complete the escape room challenge.

But this isn’t just a solo activity – it’s all about collaboration and teamwork! Whether you’re working in a small group or a large team, communication and cooperation are key to completing the challenge. With puzzles that appeal to both analytical and creative thinkers, everyone will have a chance to shine and contribute their own unique perspective.

What makes Escapistan’s “Escape Your Space” escape room experience truly stand out is the convenience – no transportation is required, as our team will bring the fun straight to you! Plus, our event coordinator will be on hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your group has a fun and frustration-free experience.

Our “Escape Your Space” package includes:

  • A dedicated event coordinator who will be present on-site to facilitate your escape room experience.
  • All objects, puzzles, tools, equipment, and props required to solve the escape room challenge.
  • Post-event recap, team achievement and progress report.
  • Hassle-free service including delivery, setup, management, and breakdown of the event.
  • No surprises on the bill! Our quoted price includes all travel and miscellaneous costs, so you can trust that your budget will be met for the program.

So why wait? Book your own “Escape Your Space” escape room experience today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

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